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NG/LP boilers tend to me more complicated then plain old oil fired boilers.  They are complicated in the sense that there are more safety features build in like roll out cut off switches, high temp limit switches, gas valve, thermocouple, damper switches...and in some sense the aqua stat....etc..etc...(they are all on the 24 volt side of the secondary)  All these things make sure that the boiler won't fire if the conditions aren't met.  Which really means you won't have an unintended NG explosion.  But I guess any NG explosion is unintended....My recommendation is *NOT* to work around these features.  Especially with steam and NG (different pressures could be dangerous).  Oil fired boilers have there own features/problems/issues.

I think years ago, beckett oil guns made some sort of ignition system that was dc....it was great b/c when your power went out, the boiler would still fire.  Now i think they all use a VAC/transformer type ignition system.....(i could be wrong)

The 24VAC is run off the secondary of the 120VAC transformer.  Look at the wiring diagram on your boiler/owners manual...Or just follow your 120VAC line into the boiler where it terminates.  Perhaps you could subvert the primary on the transformer, back feed the secondary  with 24 volts....and all your controls should work (i.e. the safety features.)  On the secondary side of the transformer...it should all be 24 volt...I don't know if VDC will create more heat in the circuit though......never tried it.  

B/C you have steam.....you probably have a one pipe supply/return......Which means you don't need a circulator pump.  Your idea should work.  Steam gives off nice heat too.  But again, don't compromise the safety features built into the system.


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> All
>   I have a way off topic question . My home heating system is on the fritz again . It's a antique oil fired steam boiler , it's 85 years old by my guess . I want to convert to a gas fired steam boiler , but I want one I can run on batteries or one that doesn't need external power at all. From my research I could get a standing pilot , micro volt, natural draft vented, gas fired steam boiler . In that setup the pilot light heats a thermocouple which generates the micro volt power to run the gas valve and control system .  Does anyone have this sort of setup ? 
> The other option would be to go with a electric ignition , natural draft vented gas fired steam boiler and have a manual switch setup after the ac/dc transformer to allow me to switch to some  deep cycle marine batteries , which I could in turn charge via solar or standard electric ?  The batteries would only be used in a power failure . Anyone ever tried this ?   
> Well if anyone has any ideas or can recommended a good boiler let me know .
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