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George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Jan 9 10:10:05 EST 2013

NYC*BUG January 9th: Eitan Adler on "What's New with FreeBSD?"
NYC*BUG February 7th: John Baldwin on SMPng
BSDCan Call for Papers Open until January 19th
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January 9 2013 @ 18:45 - Location: Suspenders

What's New with FreeBSD, Eitan Adler

This will be an open-ended Q&A-style talk covering some new of recent 
enhancements to FreeBSD as well some of the experimental upcoming 
changes. By the end of the talk you should have heard about one FreeBSD 
technology you hadn't heard of before.

About the speaker:

Eitan is a third year student at SUNY Binghamton studying Computer 
Science. He has been using FreeBSD since 6.2. He is a src, ports, and 
doc developer and is part of the BugBusting team.

* * *

BSDCan 2013 will be held 17-18 May, 2013 in Ottawa at the University of
Ottawa. It will be preceded by two days of tutorials on 15-16 May.

NOTE: This will be Fri/Sat with tutorials on Wed/Thu.

We are now accepting proposals for talks.  You have until January 19th.

See the schedule below.

The talks should be designed with a very strong technical content bias.
Proposals of a business development or marketing nature are not
appropriate for this venue.

If you are doing something interesting with a BSD operating system,
please submit a proposal. Whether you are developing a very complex
system using BSD as the foundation, or helping others and have a story
to tell about how BSD played a role, we want to hear about your
experience.  People using BSD as a platform for research are also
encouraged to submit a proposal. Possible topics include:

* How we manage a giant installation with respect to handling spam.
* and/or sysadmin.
* and/or networking.

 From the BSDCan website, the Archives section will allow you to review
the wide variety of past BSDCan presentations as further examples.

Both users and developers are encouraged to share their experiences.

The schedule is:

1 Dec 2012 Proposal acceptance begins
19 Jan 2013 Proposal acceptance ends
19 Feb 2013 Confirmation of accepted proposals

See also <http://www.bsdcan.org/2013/papers.php>

Instructions for submitting a proposal to BSDCan 2013 are available
from: <http://www.bsdcan.org/2013/submissions.php>

* * *

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