[nycbug-talk] a clarification about the csup/CVS announcement

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Jan 11 18:15:06 EST 2013

On 01/11/13 13:36, Brett Wynkoop wrote:
> The point is that someone with only 4GB of space has just enough room
> to rebuild world and rebuild kernel, but not enough room for ports as
> well.
we are talking about ~50MB of data fwiw to install svn and it's 
dependency tree.  obviously a non-trivial amount of disk space (and a 
good reason not to include it in base) but not 100's of MB either.  imho 
- just use packages, it will make your life easier.

notes from when i used to have to do builds on embedded devices when 
cross compilation was not an option - store your source on NFS.  it will:

1) give you better IOPS performance generally when compared to an 
embedded flash disk
2) help reduce wear and tear on flash cells
3) allow you to have multiple branches checked out and stored locally 
for development work.

> Now to try and figure out how to keep pulling kernel and world sources
> from the server after CVS is shutdown.  I have just looked at
> www.freebsd.org and while they talk about cvs for ports going away and
> point everyone at portsnap I see no reference to cvs for kernel and
> world going away and no instructions on what to do in that case.  If
> cvs is really going away for kernel and core maybe one of the core team
> should see to it that the proper notes make it onto the site so as to
> now leave people in a lurch.

lets take a deep breath here.

i am not a @freebsd.org member - but i am confident there will be a 
release announcement when the kernel+world before the official EOL of 
cvsup/csup happens.

i'd suggest also considering some of the advantages of moving to svn for 
source distribution as well.  for example, reduced management overhead 
by freebsd.org engineers since they do not have to officially support 
two SCM distribution models.  also, if you are performing local 
development i find it helpful to have the source history in my local 
checkout.  or someone can pickup where DES left off with svnsup.


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org
twitter =>  @nomadlogicLA

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