[nycbug-talk] Kirk Event -- Pictures and Recap

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Jan 29 22:21:25 EST 2013

On 01/29/13 21:57, Henry Mendez wrote:
> Thanks again Matt and the folks at Axial who helps organize then event. It
> was a good time, and an excellent talk.
> Much appreciated.
> -Henry
> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 11:05 AM, Matthew Story <matthewstory at gmail.com>wrote:
>> We've got a re-cap and photos of the event we did a few weeks ago with
>> Kirk McKusick at AxialMarket.  Glad so many from NYC*BUG could make it out,
>> and hope that the pictures and re-cap are some consolidation for those of
>> you that couldn't make it.
>> Re-Cap:
>> http://wp.me/p2TjyL-1z
>> Photos:
>> http://axialites.tumblr.com/post/40873217723/kirk-mckusick-axial-the-freebsd-project-axial
>> Was humbling to host Kirk, and more humbling that he stuck around for so
>> long after his talk to hang out.  Hope everyone who came had a great time.

It was an excellent meeting, and huge thanks to Matt and Ike.

I have had emails with Kirk since, and we'd love to do some periodic, 
informal socials when Kirk and Eric are in town, but that won't be until 

We will probably look at getting sponsors to cover an extra night in the 
hotel for them, plus a case or two of their preferred wine.

Events like that are particularly important, and this one had a strong 
affect on a number of attendees not usually at our meetings.  "Great, 
you get why the BSD model is sane"  "Great, your firm uses FreeBSD, now 
start pushes patches upstream."

And it's probably important to point out that Kirk and Eric are in NYC 
six times a year for ACM's Queue magazine, which is filled with some 
great articles.  Two of the columnists are PHK and NYC's very own GNN, 
and if you're not reading their stuff, you're missing out big.

Final quick note: we had a short discussion on admin@ and offline about 
whether this was appropriate to post to talk at ... we are VERY careful 
about the line between NYCBUG and anything that can be conveyed as 
corporate promotion.  We're a voluntary user group, and not a sales 
tool.  Yet those who chimed in agreed this was fine, and it's awesome 
that Kirk could speak to a packed audience like he did.


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