[nycbug-talk] off topic EIS (Extreme Ice Survey)

Brett Wynkoop nycbug at wynn.com
Thu Jan 31 16:44:51 EST 2013


Since I spent date night last week in a hotel in Belmont California 
reading the "Pilots Operating Handbook - Zlin Savage Cub".  My wife
decided last night we had to take a 2 hour break from our toils for
some make up time.

She took me to a documentary film "Chasing Ice".  I was totally engaged
through the whole film, which was in large part about the technical and
organizational  challenges in putting together the EIS (Extreme Ice
Survey) project.

I think many of you will enjoy the film if you can find some place to
see it. It is not showing in major houses. 

They have some discussion of small computer systems used as controllers
for cameras.

To find a location near you http://www.chasingice.com/



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