[nycbug-talk] SaltStack and Ansible experience?

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Thu Jul 25 18:43:38 EDT 2013

While looking through the wikipedia list of configuration management software[1], I noticed a few new entrants that appear to have some momentum, Ansible[2] and SaltStack[3].  Both appear to have a fair amount of support for the *BSDs.  Both are python based.

For example, looking at SaltStack's list of modules[4], I see support for lots of FreeBSD features: using pkgng (like full support - upgrading a package, fetching current package options, making a backup of an installed package), poudriere (trigger a bulk build, list/create jails and ports trees), and jails.

Anyone here use either of these?  Ideally I'd like something a bit lighter, but SaltStack is intriguing so far.  I also need to see what Puppet currently looks like, but the few BSD-centric reviews I've seen of SaltStack and Ansible both note that support for at least FreeBSD is better than in Puppet-land and that both projects are happy to take patches.



[1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open_source_configuration_management_software
[2] - http://www.ansibleworks.com/configuration-management/
[3] - http://docs.saltstack.com/
[4] - http://docs.saltstack.com/ref/modules/all/index.html

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