[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD ARM pkgs

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Jun 19 11:19:25 EDT 2013

As there is still no official FreeBSD pkgng repository, and a lot of us
are hacking on BeagleBones and Raspberry Pis, Steve K and I took it upon
ourselves to create a very *unofficial* and *untested* selection of


If you want to use this, put the following line:

PACKAGESITE	: http://mirrors.nycbug.org/pub/FreeBSD_ARM/pkg/

in your /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf

Hopefully, we can keep building packages and keep them reasonably
updated.  At least for some of us, it will save a lot of time.

If there's anything in particular you need, please feel free to ping the
list, as we or someone else might have the package built.

Also, no guarantee on security, checksums, integrity, etc., so use at
your own risk.


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