[nycbug-talk] NYC*BUG: This Week

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Mar 4 21:47:01 EST 2013

The next two meetings focus on architectures beyond the regular
i386/amd64 world.  This month's meeting is about FreeBSD porting to the
Beagle Bone running on ARM, and April's meeting will feature a talk on
porting OpenBSD to MIPS.

Note that BSDCan (.org) is coming up in May.  A number of people from
NYC*BUG will be there, and we strongly encourage you to attend.

Yes, we're still cross-posting to talk@, but get on announce at for
these announces in the future.

Note that we launched a Tor-BSD list recently.  For anyone developing or
using Tor on a BSD, join up and let's get the discussion moving.

*  *  *

March 6 @ 18:45 - Location: Suspenders

BeagleBone with FreeBSD, Brett Wynkoop

About the speaker:
Brett Wynkoop fell in love with computers while a freshman at the United
States Merchant Marine Academy, where he almost flunked out his first
term by spending too much time playing with Dartmouth Time Sharing on a
model 33 teletype at 110 baud, instead of studying marine engineering
and navigation.

His first Unix job was administering an AT&T Dimension PBX which used
tape for random access....ls took a long time! His first BSD experience
was on a PDP 11/70 and he has been a BSD lover ever since.

His once wrote a web server in /bin/sh, just because he could

He was a member of the technical staff at BSDI and is currently a
systems engineer with the Internet Systems Consortium and is working on
the BIND 10 project.

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