[nycbug-talk] svnup(1) - worthy of promotion to base?

Isaac Levy (.ike) ike at blackskyresearch.net
Mon Mar 11 09:54:57 EDT 2013

Hi All,

>From prior threads, the FreeBSD svnup(1) utility is alive, all buttoned up, man page and all!

It's currently in ports, but it's not over- I believe it would be EXTREMELY advantageous for this utility to make it's way into the base system (in time for 10x?).  If anyone has any info (or sees any commits), please shout back in this thread!

If you believe svnup(1) in base is a good idea, and want to help, I wanted to ask folks for some user testing?  Break it.  Read it's short source, (1310 lines- one file).  Anything you can think of to make it tight as it can be, (worthy of base).

My observations so far:

svnup(1) speed "feel"

Without opening up any cans of worms on SCM tools, I believe the 'git effect' creates some unrealistic expectations for the utility.  (Git's impact is so huge on development, it's become so popular, it affects/warps perception of other tools.)  git(1) has spectacular indexing/hashing, it's implementation is really thoughtful compared to svn(1).  So, remote fetching of deltas, on massive codebases, is extremely fast.
svn(1) itself- (and svnup(1)), is not quite as slick in this area.  To this end, svnup(1) *feels* surprisingly "slow" when fetching deltas.  Yet, for what it's doing, (comparing every file), it's pretty darned fast.

Because it appears to walk every file, I'm curious to know how much impact (if any) svnup(1) has when many clients are simultaneously hitting a single repo?  Does anyone have local subversion mirrors setup who can test this?

I'm wondering if anyone can point out where the bottlenecks are, so "best practices" can emerge quickly for setting up local svn repos?


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