[nycbug-talk] Nas4Free

Nick Danger nick at hackermonkey.com
Mon Mar 18 20:27:22 EDT 2013

Is anyone running nas4free and mounting via NFS? I just set up a box and 
I am having horrible write performance over NFS. Write only, reads are 
fine. And same partition mounted via CIFS works great reads and writes 
(to the same linux host even, just mount cifs instead of nfs).   I 
haven't been able to gleen any advice via google, and most of the NFS 
tuning advice is more like "how to eek the last few bits of speed" where 
as when I say horrible, I mean instead of 45 MB/s, I am getting 0.6 MB/s 
write performance.

Any advice?

Server: Nas4Free v9.1.0.1, 4 disks in a ZFS pool (raid1Z).  Client: 
Fedora 18, mounts 2 other NFS servers (working fine) and can mount the 
NAS4Free as CIFS or NFS. CIFS works, NFS is SLOOOOOOOOOOW. :-)
More details on request.


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