[nycbug-talk] armed.nycbug.org update

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sun Mar 24 21:14:33 EDT 2013

On 03/24/13 20:12, Brett Mahar wrote:
>> Subject: [nycbug-talk] armed.nycbug.org update
>> Message-ID: <514DE2DE.6030209 at ceetonetechnology.com>
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>> This box was setup to create FreeBSD images for BeagleBones and
>> Raspberry Pis to make life easy for those without build machines.
>> The box has been updated to 9.1.  It ends up the issues we were having
>> with Gonzo's script was due to FBSD 8.x's make(1) not supporting
>> So we should have workable images up and regular builds in the near
> future.
>> g
> Hi,
> I wonder if it would be possible for this machine to make images for the
> beagleboard-xm as well?

Well, there is a Summer of Code port if you check out wiki.freebsd.org,
but neither of us have that board.  There is code in svn available.

Look at Tim's scripts... it wouldn't be too much hassle to add the other
boards his scripts already support (VersatilePB, PandaBoard), but it's
not on our immediate agenda to do the Board-xm if we can't test it.

If you figure out something to easily build and test with the svn code,
hit me offline and we can set something up.


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