[nycbug-talk] MiniPCI WiFi cards free to a good home

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Fri May 17 17:39:26 EDT 2013

Hi talk --

As the subject line says, I have a bunch of minipci (not minipci-e; what 
I have are the bigger, older) wifi cards that I don't need anymore, so 
I'm offering them to nycbug people for free. These cards are good for 
soekris and mikrotik boards, and older laptops. Please check to make 
sure you can use them.

Other OpenBSD devs (and free/net/dfly devs) get first priority (if 
you're a f/n/d dev, let me know so you can get the dev bump); other than 
that, first come first served.

All cards are used but presumed working (I no longer have the hardware 
to test, but there's no reason these cards should not work).

Here's a list of what I have, plus their corresponding OpenBSD driver:
* ALPHA Networks WMP-N06SA.03, Atheros AR5008+AR5416 (athn)
* Broadcom BCM94318MPG Rev 4 (bwi - may not work on OpenBSD/other BSDs)
* Intel WM3B2200BG (iwi)
* Unknown AR5212A (ath)
* Unknown RTL8185L (no OpenBSD [no BSD?] driver - write your own!)
* Unknown WL-850R/E, RT2561T (ral - should work but never tested)

I'd prefer it if I hand it over to you at the next nycbug meeting, but 
by all means if you're willing to pay the few bucks for me to mail it 
that is ok as well.

Email me off-list if interested.


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