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Raúl Cuza raulcuza at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 00:15:18 EDT 2013

First off, I'm not cracking open an image editor to offer anything concrete so feel free to delete this now. 

The two fonts (serif and san-serif) and two colors (black and red) do not feel compatible. As is, they seem to be just hanging out in the same place instead of being different parts of a great thing. 

Maybe putting a black outline around the red star (not gold mind you as that is a different organization's symbol) might unite the two fonts. Perhaps spacing could improve their relationship. I'm not saying san-serif and serif fonts can't go great together, I just think, as it is, NYC is just playing with *BUG until something better comes along. 


P.S. I would of added "I don't mean any offense and am just giving my opinion" but every email I ever read with that in it was meant to be offensive. I really don't have anything more than an unasked for opinion, so my hope is that I was skilled enough to gave it without offense.

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