[nycbug-talk] mdocml talk?

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Fri Oct 11 20:36:56 EDT 2013

Hey talk --

For those of you who don't know - mdocml is becoming the way to handle 
man pages now on the different BSDs (though it's much more than just a 
groff replacement). The DragonFly BSD Digest has a really nice sum-up of 
the current happenings of mdocml on the different projects:

OpenBSD and NetBSD have already switched to mdocml; DragonFly looks like 
it's about ready to make the switch. FreeBSD has it in their tree, 
though I'm unsure as to its usage status on FreeBSD.

This is the perfect example of a *BSD grown (in this case, upstream is 
now OpenBSD) solution that is being enhanced by all the different 
projects and showcases cross pollination between the projects.

Plus it's central to documentation - something we all value greatly as 
members of the *BSD community at large.

We were talking about mdocml in IRC last night and the suggestion came 
up about doing an mdocml talk, since this is a technology that no matter 
what *BSD you use, you encounter.

Unfortunately, mdocml is a bit outside what I do and I don't think I'd 
be able to do the topic justice. However, if someone from one of the 
projects who is doing work on mdocml would like to give a talk, I think 
it would be a perfect fit for NYC*BUG.


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