[nycbug-talk] NYC*BUG vector logo

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Mon Oct 28 20:28:28 EDT 2013

Did someone say stickers?


It's up there for use, make it whatever color you want.  Someone can get it a home in some misc dir on the site.

Note- I tossed in a Copyright at the end, in my name, which I'll happily relinquish if need be.  My aim is *NOT* to restrict it's use, but vendor hijacking and malicious uses of the logo obviously aren't cool.  And since I exist, and NYC*BUG does not, I'll do it like Kirk handles Beastie.

Ping admin@ if y'all have issue with that, (but folks have other stuff to think about so…)


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