[nycbug-talk] Happy Halloween, here is some wacky Horror story

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Thu Oct 31 16:15:14 EDT 2013

On October 31, 2013 03:26:01 PM EDT, Charles Sprickman <spork at bway.net> wrote:
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>> Does this mean that I MUST blast death metal at max volume over the 
>> whole office for security reasons?

Here's a different horror story, which a russian developer in our 
office showed us:


(I'd love for someone here who speaks/knows Russian, to validate this 
source isn't some sort of Russian version of The Onion or something...)

Rough Translation (using Google translate):

"Media: China has put in irons Russian spy-spammers"

Petersburg sellers of electronics in a hurry terminated contracts with 
Chinese suppliers after the discovery of the party "spyware" - irons, 
kettles and phones that can send out viruses and spam Wi-Fi.

All electronics have been equipped with a small chip, which, when you 
turn the device into the grid could easily be connected by over Wi-Fi 
to any unprotected computers within a radius of 200 meters.

According to the director of the importing company Innocent Fedorov 
such a surprise from his colleagues from China, he did not expect, 
"This place is already proven, and it is strange that such a thing 
happened. This happened recently, something has to happen suddenly, and 
we began to understand, to find out what it was. "

Discover the "spy" fake entrepreneurs helped the brokerage firm, 
transfer "Vesti.Ru" .

Prior to sending equipment from China Russian experts confused weight 
of packages, which a few grams differ materially from those in the 
documents. Party stopped at the border, experts engaged in the study of 

It turned out that the embedded chips designed to send unwanted spam 
and computer viruses.

CTO and Customs broker Gleb Pavlov explains: "You do not even notice 
that it sends something. Neither the system administrator will not 
notice the attack, because it did not occur outside of the enterprise, 
and not through the Web, but from within. "

About 30 irons, kettles, phones and video recorders from a trial lot 
still had time to go back to their chain stores of St. Petersburg, and 
the question of how many of these electronics products to spyware chip, 
it is difficult to answer.

It is also unknown whether the leak could multifunction machines in 
other regions of Russia.


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