[nycbug-talk] Call For Participation: BSDP Working Group

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sun Sep 8 14:23:15 EDT 2013

Jimmy B.:
> Hello All,
> I've done some work recently on the BSDP Lab Exam, and reached
> a point where I would like to get a wider group involved.
> Currently, we have the following elements in place for the BSDP
> Lab Exam:
>  - Identified a list of tasks for an exam session (a 'form' in
>    psychometric terms). The list of tasks is aligned with the
>    knowledge domain percentages set by our psychometrician.
>  - Developed a written scenario that incorporates the list of
>    tasks noted above. The scenario forms the basis of the lab
>    exam booklet that the candidate uses to take the exam.
>    (The scenario is similar to one I presented at NYCBSDCon a
>    couple of years ago.)
>  - Developed a set of test scripts that test the completion of
>    each task.  Most of the scripts for the first form are done.
>    There are a few issues with some tests that need some
>    attention.
>    The test scripts are written in Perl and make use of two
>    CPAN modules - the Test::More test harness and the
>    Net::OpenSSH module for connectivity to the virtual
>    machines.
> There are a number of small (and larger) projects to be done
> before we are ready to roll this out.
> 1. Finalize all tests and clean up the code for the first form.
>    Development of new tests for other forms is also needed.
> 2. Develop a professional looking report that can be created
>    immediately upon test completion for the candidate.
> 3. Develop an install DVD that can be used to prep workstations
>    for a lab exam.  A prototype DVD exists and can be used
>    as a reference but a better idea would be ZFS snapshots.
> 4. Develop a Quality Assurance (QA) group for the scripts and
>    DVD, exam booklet, test report, and anything else.
>    The importance of this group cannot be overestimated.  We
>    have been successful in the BSDA exam because we have had
>    many eyes looking at the process.
> 5. Develop a step by step guide for setting up a test center. An
>    earlier version of this guide can be used, but needs some work.
> 6. Develop some brochure materials and banner ads for the BSDP
>    exams.
> ... and more.
> What I'm looking for is a group of 3-5 people to assist in the
> above tasks.  With some help, I think we can meet the following
> goals:
>  - Demo of lab exam for vBSD Conference (October, 2013) with a
>    shorter list of exam tasks, and not the same ones as above.
>    Demo would be 2 exam workstations, exam fileserver, and network
>    gear.
>  - First Beta Exam in February 2014, hopefully at NYCBSDCon or after.
>  - We will need to plan additional Beta Exams in early 2014.
>  - Official launch at BSDCan in 2014.
> Time commitment is what we need at this point.  If you can put
> 3-5 hours a week on some of the above items we will be successful.
> Please let me know if you are interested and I'll organize a
> kickoff meeting.

Great opportunity.  Thanks Jim.

There's a number of new people in NYC around NYC*BUG, and I think it's
worth emphasizing its huge importance.

The issue today for BSD using entities is finding people with a strong
BSD background.  And not being able to find those people is critical to
them continuing and for others, adopting, BSDs for their infrastructure.

The BSD Certification Group is part of providing an answer to that problem.

Is it because we put certs on a pedestal?  Er, no.  Many of the better
sysadmins on this list don't even have BA's, much less BS's.  And at
least a couple have their GEDs.  So certifications are not worshiped here.

But BSDCG is community driven, and is extremely practical.  It's not
very expensive, and the materials are free or dirt cheap.  We started it
as a tool for building the BSDs in the production environments, not to
have people add expensive acronyms after their name.

So ping JPB and get involved.  It's a critical effort for our scene, in
NYC more than everywhere else.

Jim: we can certainly arrange some SME sessions in NYC at some point to
let people get involved in a one-off manner at least.


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