[nycbug-talk] Elliptic Curve Backdoor? [was] RSA/DSA for encryption: has it's time come?

Bill Totman billtotman at billtotman.com
Fri Sep 13 13:54:11 EDT 2013

On 9/13/13 10:38 AM, "George Rosamond" <george at ceetonetechnology.com>

>Brian Coca:
>> Sooo ... now I have to keep everything in my head to keep it safe? ...
>> wait, they are working on that
>Don't worry, DARPA is working on breaking that too.
>The operational question to me that we should really cover is: what
>changes are you doing now individually and in organizations?
>There is a real fear running up everyone's backs whether they admit it
>or not.  Whether 3-letter government agencies (3LGAs) are an adversary
>or not is secondary.  *Someone* can break/mitm/compromise/whatever.
>So throwing it back to list...
>What have you changed?
>What changes have taken place in your organization, whether or not
>influenced by you?
>Factors of authentication, keys used, additional encryption added,
>office or home Tor, pgp/gpg....
>In NYC*BUG, we have reverted to rlogin/ftp/telnet, since we have given up.

Way to blow our security-through-obscurity initiative, George.


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