[nycbug-talk] Maker Faire Today - a few embedded boards

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Sun Sep 22 10:17:39 EDT 2013

Hi All,

My first time at Maker Faire in Queens yesterday was a blast, some relevant things to post here.

Along with a massive "Learn to Solder" booth- (oriented toward kids) there were loads of robots, construction kits and systems, aerial robotics/quadricopters, tons of 3d printers, there were also tons of bizarre independent vendors for embedded computers.  The EFF had a booth, the NY TOOL chapter was doing their thing, all good stuff.  Apparently, the world of Aurduino is diversifying out to UNIX capable hardware- and massive expansion, on more powerful embedded computers.

If your'e thinking of heading out to Maker Faire today, I think these booths will be of interest to NYC*BUG folks:


A new ARM board company from Italy- it's analog/digital pinout matches the Arduino, to take advantage of using Arduino shields- graphics card on board, etc…

George R. and I spent some time Speaking to their developers about *BSD, about compilers, etc…  They brought one relevant thing- an ARM standard.

interesting list of boards,

An ARM hardware standard?  I'd be interested to hear people's feedback on this.  Anything that makes it less cumbersome to develop for an architecture is good, no?



MIPS based embedded boards, again, pinouts to fit Arduino shields, apparently focused on being *tiny*.


The shiny new intel board- they've got some to look at, and one driving a tabletop robotic arm.


Unrelated to UNIX, I was delighted to find a Gieger Counter which plugs into an iPhone/iPad:

It's amazing that they produced a useful Gieger Counter for less than $50.
(I think this guy sold out yesterday).


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