[talk] Who's built redundant pfsense setups?

Brian Coca briancoca+nycbug at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 13:22:52 EST 2014

I have both setup and inherited (from Ike himself) redundant setups,
the switches need a dedicated port to sync to each other (they use
pfsync iirc) to maintain connections across failures, I don't remember
needing anything special for ARP. Make sure you get a recent version
of pfsense as there is a old bug that made failover not work

As for hardware, that depends a lot on your needs, I've used tiny
sokeris and big custom multi-nic servers, there is also the open
network|compute? the participants have some nice cheap switch
hardware,  but they mostly linux oriented, you would have to figure
out how if the drivers are available on BSD.

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