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On December 11, 2014 1:22:33 AM EST, Jun Ebihara <jun at soum.co.jp> wrote:
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>> My pet theory: v7 ARM chips are going to be becoming cheaper overall
>> in the near future.  This will be because the demand is going to be
>> for the v8 64-bit chips, so the v7 chips will end up getting pushed
>> out the door in the near term.
>Cubieboard2 works well on NetBSD.It has Dual CPU,SATA,HDMI,USBx2.
>pkgsrc pre-build packages:
>How to make demo image.
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That's sooo cool. I love these guys. I have the xu3 and its great! Exynos A15 processor runs nice.
This one's great. I had debated getting the u3 for home entertainment, but it didn't make use of the eMMC, this one does. The -"W" was at the price point i wanted, but didn't have onboard anything.
Def. picking one up soon!
if anyone else decides to, i highly recommend going for the eMMC 5.0 memory. they're worth it.  Comparatively, it is to microSD, what SSD is compared to HDD.

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