[talk] GhostBSD

Scott Robbins scottro at nyc.rr.com
Sun Dec 28 11:00:15 EST 2014

I had never played with GhostBSD--it came up in a conversation on FreeBSD

It was inspired, says the main creator, by FreeSBIE, which I used, (as well
as Frenzy), back in the day.  It has a Mate desktop and a lot of things
seemed to work out of the box.

Though most of us always recommend PCBSD, GhostBSD's DVD can work as a live
system and seems more responsive. It seems to be a one man project, but at
any rate, it does seem to be a good advocacy tool, possibly a better one
than PCBSD. 

Advocacy is always a bit of a two edged sword.  I'd love to see all the
BSDs get more market share, but then one worries that they're start
catering to those who insist upon GUI installers.  

Still, it does seem worth mentioning this, because it doesn't seem to get a
lot of attention, and even has a 32 bit edition. 

I've only played with it in VirtualBox, but I should probably see if it
easily installs next to a Linux installation, as it's usually Linux users
who are looking to try a BSD.  (Hrrm--at least it seems that way, but don't
ask me for statistics). 

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season, and thanks to all
who help on this list.  

Scott Robbins
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