invoicing software

George Rosamond george at
Thu Feb 6 21:30:52 EST 2014

Dan Langille:
> Can you recommend an invoicing system? It'd be great if you alreay
> were using it (preferably at a service provider), and it's open
> source.
> Our thinking: a service isn’t suited to our needs.  We have our
> in-house systems and we want them to drive the invoicing.
> I’ll be at NYCBSDCon on Saturday, if you want to talk more, but
> please, let us all know here too please.

I think it really depends on what kind of invoicing you're doing.

I mean, if you can reduce things to cat, mail and cron, that's the way
to go IMHO.

Maybe give a bit more details in what you need.. year end balance
sheet?  integration with a bank account?


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