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> On 2014-02-06 09:30 PM, George Rosamond wrote:
> Dan Langille: Can you recommend an invoicing system? It'd be great if you alreay were using it (preferably at a service provider), and it's open source. Our thinking: a service isn't suited to our needs. We have our in-house systems and we want them to drive the invoicing. I'll be at NYCBSDCon on Saturday, if you want to talk more, but please, let us all know here too please. I think it really depends on what kind of invoicing you're doing. I mean, if you can reduce things to cat, mail and cron, that's the way to go IMHO. Maybe give a bit more details in what you need.. year end balance sheet? integration with a bank account?

How's this?

A few of our goals. Not all of this is expected to be in the invoicing 
system, but it is some of what we want to achieve.

- periodically email invoices to customers
- integrate with various credit card processors for charging
- retry those charges which failed
- remind customers about upcoming expiration of credit cards
- some kind of front end to allow customers to update their contact 
details, payment methods, etc (sure, we might have to write that)
- easily identify customers behind on payments (so our systems can 
suspend the services we provide)

Granted, some of this is more capability derived from being able to 
query the invoicing database.

Triggers and hooks so our sign up system can add new customer to that 

Accounting would be external; so we just need to know revenue (say for 
this month).

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I use this, to some extent. 

I've made a few changes of my own, it does not integrate with CC
processors, since the Internet should not save CC numbers.
It _does_ send invoices to people -- it's more of a manual invoicing
system, than recurring billing. It does keep very good track of
everything and good enough reporting. 

Dan, find me at the soundbooth tomorrow, I can show you a little of how
it works IYW 


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