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Steve steve.b at osfda.org
Thu Jul 3 02:15:20 EDT 2014

Hey guys-

I was the new attendee to the BSD user group. So here's the calendar I 
was showing you guys:


You hover over items to get their details (on touch devices and 
cellphones, click on them...) We cover user groups, meetups, 
conferences, trade shows, lectures, etc. The only events we might omit 
are beginner/learn-to-code groups (since as professionals, it's presumed 
you're past that stage...)

Shoot me an Email if you encounter any usability issues.

If you are in the finance space and are interested in finding out what 
the OSFDA is about, read our FAQ <http://osfda.org/faq>.and I can 
address their questions at another meetup (or maybe they would like to 
check out the cryptocurrencies meetup, "/*BitDevs*/ 
<http://www.meetup.com/BitDevsNYC>"; but while many BitDevers filled the 
ranks of the OSFDA, the OSFDA is not comprised solely of BitDevers...) 
As the main page says, it is in its formative stages; but it might be of 
interest for some of you to participate if you think it's a generally 
good idea and would like to have a hand in shaping its mission and 
methods (voting Board slots are still open to anyone passing a basic 
vetting; once the Board is filled at twenty four members, they would 
have to go on a standby list...) I am one of two people who founded it 
and came up with the idea for it, but as the FAQ says: after it is set 
in motion, a parliamentary majority will determine the organization's 
decisions and direction. We have been encouraging bright people to join, 
so we are hopeful that such a decision making body made up of 
intelligent people will fare well.

And for those of you who are not in finance, you can still benefit from 
the calendar since it's free as in beer. The OSFDA is not a money-making 
venture; it's mission is primarily to improve the career options of its 
members. Because of that, things like the calendar (and soon the forum, 
which will have some unique functionality...) has no ads, no 
registration, and no logins (the hosting is to be covered by annual dues 
of $25...)

See you next month (unless I'm dealing with an OSFDA formation issue, or 
on a deadline with my SourceForge project -it has to do with Bitcoins 
and security...)

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