[talk] Cloud and Colocation: Good Timing

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Jun 5 19:15:29 EDT 2014

James E Keenan:
> Great timing for last night's talk.  This morning NPR Morning Edition
> had a report about the implications of Snowden++ for the cloud
> transnationally.  Echoed many of the points raised by George and Brian
> last night.
> http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/06/05/318770896/a-year-after-snowden-u-s-tech-losing-trust-overseas
> Follow-up report on All Things Considered this afternoon
> Thank you very much.

Yeah, good stuff JK.

What I find annoying (and we all have to get over this at some point) is
lines like this:

"While he likes the convenience of accessing data from anywhere..."

Pre-cloud, you could only access your mail by mutt or pine on localhost???

I thought the meeting worked out well.. the security/privacy issues with
Cloudism are significant, but I also don't believe in building a straw
man argument around it.

It is easier to *mitigate* when you are on bare metal, but just because
it's *your* box in a data center doesn't make it safe.

The big question to watch is the affects of the Snowden revelations on
regulatory stuff in the EU in particular.  This is one resounding angle
in which the policy of privacy really could be exposed.


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