Scott Robbins scottro at
Wed Mar 12 17:03:17 EDT 2014

Just thought I'd mention that for those interested, thanks to the efforts
of xmj on FreeBSD forums, it is now almost trivial to get skype4 working.
Some others have had success prior to this, but for me at least, it began
taking more time than it was worth.  (Especially as I only use it when my
wife goes on business trips.)

is the thread where it's discussed, but for what it's worth, it was
actually rather trivial. git clone,
then run a cp -r linux-ports/* /usr/ports, and follow the instructions in
the README for loading linprocfs and linsysfs and it all just worked for
me, tested on two different laptops. 
(In addition, one can use the CentOS 6 based Linux port which is somewhat
newer than the current Fedora 10 one.  There's also a working port for the
CentOS 6 version of flash--and much as I suspect we all hate flash--well,
Ok, much as I dislike flash--unfortunately, it's still a fact of life on
far too many sites. 

Hopefully, this is of interest to a few people. 
Scott Robbins
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