[talk] I declare not so stupid unix tricks thread open

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Mar 14 19:26:23 EDT 2014

Jason Hellenthal:
> These should all be posix compliant sh(1) FreeBSD compatible. Not sure
> about other systems.
> # Kill or list some stopped processes
> alias stopkill='kill `ps a -o stat,pid |awk '\''/^T /{print $2}'\''`'
> alias stoplist='ps -p `ps a -o stat,pid |awk '\''/^T /{print $2}'\''`
> 2>/dev/null'
> # Kill or list some zombies
> alias zomkill='kill `ps a -o stat,pid |awk '\''/^Z /{print $2}'\''`'
> alias zomlist='ps -p `ps a -o stat,pid |awk '\''/^Z /{print $2}'\''`
> 2>/dev/null'

Some great stuff here.  We need to have a marathon meeting in which 10
or more people do a one-liner each.. and others can critique, expand, etc.

Say, June?  Who's in?


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