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I have run into these. This is really very very rare. One time it can
happen is if an application does some high end native stuff. An example
would be cassandra uses off heap memory to avoid gc. Sometmes the semantics
of such features are not clear in the jvm spec i would guess. In any case
you might hit a case where the software might get an error loading its data
file in one jvm but not the other. I have jad similar issues with
commercial vms as well.

I always find out exactly what the developers use and i use that. Oracle
jvm is more " enterprise " so it is typically paired with enterprise java
products and thus havr better coverage.

I do a lot of java work and i am rarely aware of if a given system is using
one or the other, but i find oracle jvm more compatible. Never found
anything that did work right on open jdk and not oracle.

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, John C. Vernaleo <john at netpurgatory.com>
> Not exactly a small or contained example, but the last time I worked with
it, Android absoultely would not build with anything other than the Oracle
(I still feel funny saying that and not Sun) JVM.  Haven't touched it in
over a year though.
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> On Wed, 19 Mar 2014, Isaac (.ike) Levy wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> A Java question, for my own sanity.
>> Some folks I know are convinced that Oracle JDK and OpenJDK are
>> (OpenJDK is our Production standard for many reasons, yet follks keep
using to Oracle JDK for dev...)
>> Do folks here know anywhere I can find some practical code examples
which expose the nasty bugs which can be encountered?
>> Do folks here have any such examples, perhaps from your fine Java
colleagues? (unsigned/signed int mania differences in particular)?
>> In the vast and disparate world of Java, is there another good place
where I should ask to find examples of this stuff?
>> I'm dying to get my hands on some code to demonstrate the JVM
implementation differences, so we can quit focusing on high level language
spec discussions.
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