[talk] ssh.com blog post

Andy Kosela akosela at andykosela.com
Tue May 6 21:45:07 EDT 2014

On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 7:13 PM, George Rosamond
<george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:
> If you haven't seen this yet... being discussed on IRC #nycbug:
> ssh.com/blog/makesyoubleed
> There's some laughable FUD in the article.  I also wonder the
> proportions of OpenSSH to closed SSH users and servers.  If software
> isn't used, it's not a target, and for something like OpenSSH, I'd
> imagine it's a widely attacked application yet has had minimal issues
> for so many years.
> I'm sure I can hear a stampede of organizations dropping OpenSSH and
> migrating to corporate closed SSH.

"John Walsh is a Software Engineer and a member of R&D at SSH
Communications Security".  No more to say.

Of course they want to sell their proprietary SSH products and they
will spread anything to undermine the strength of OpenSSH.  This
"beef" is quite old, starting with the fork of OSSH, which itself was
a fork of Tatu Ylonen's SSH.  The reality though is that OpenSSH is de
facto standard today, while Tatu's SSH is becoming irrelevant
globally.  Tatu is still regretting open-sourcing SSH 1.2.x.


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