[talk] PFSense moving to DragonflyBSD ?

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Fri May 9 17:00:31 EDT 2014

On 05/09/14 16:55, Mark Saad wrote:
> Check this byline on the original post
> On 5/9/14, 3:55 PM, Brian Callahan wrote:
>> pfSense is a m0n0wall-derived operating system. It uses Packet
>> Filter, FreeBSD 6.x (or DragonFly BSD when ALTQ and CARP is finished),   <--- WTF is that about
>> ALTQ for excellent packet queuing,

Oh I see now. It's on the freebsdnews.net site.
As to your original question what to make of it: I don't know. It would 
be an interesting "win" for DFly. But as it's not from the pfsense 
people themselves (I think?) I don't put any stock into it.

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