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Fresh off the AWS twitter.

Showing you how to calculate server costs "correctly" with a "new" tco

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 11:14 AM, George Rosamond <
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> Edward Capriolo:
> > The 'issue' with the cost debate is the cloud huggers have this term
> called
> > 'cost of system admin'. So even when you prove doing it yourself is less,
> > the cloud people factor in salaries of 2-3 people and then says 'cloud is
> > cheaper'. What this argument fails to account for is that when you do not
> > have system admins and networks, you have programmers spending time as
> > system admins. Beside the fact that this takes away from there
> programming
> > time not all programmers have the requisite experience to be decent
> system
> > admins.
> >
> Yes, and that's part of the issue isn't it?  Cloud advocates talk about
> cost, which may be true in certain circumstances, but throwing in
> sysadmin healthcare costs, and other irrelevant details really distorts
> the comparison.  It's not much of a joke to say AWS is cheap until you
> use it.
> The "don't be a server hugger" character is just pushing marketing FUD.
>  As I said in the OP, I have never seen slashdot comments so one-sided
> on a topic from a side I agree with.
> Chris states that the cloud is a godsend.  Well, in certain scenarios in
> which your capital expenditures will not give you the depreciation
> value, or for startups that won't last more than 6 mos, yes.
> But in the case of you needing confidentiality for your data?  What if
> you have heavy IP information?  Do you really want the provider scanning
> the data for whatever happens to be the boogeyman of the day (eg,
> terrorism, ip violations, etc)?
> The first arguments I heard around the cloud were incredibly
> non-technical sales people.  Probably not different for anyone else.
> These were people who didnt know the difference between Xen and a
> multi-user system.
> I've seen the implicit hand of "it's what everyone is doing" affect some
> people, ie, "I read everyone doing it in NYC, so I'll do it here in
> Kentucky" attitude also.
> At the end of the day the question isn't about the cloud v servers.
> It's always *on* servers.  The marketing FUD dances around that.  *They*
> have made it the thrust of the argument, but it's not enough to chase
> that strawman argument.
> g
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