[talk] Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Nov 21 12:49:31 EST 2014

On 11/20/14 17:13, George Rosamond wrote:

>> my prediction is that in next several years is there are going to be
>> three pools of unix users:
>> 1) osx peeps who are using unix w/o really knowing it
> okay... but a bit of a stretch for most of them.  You mean iPads too? :0

yea i think i would.  i guess that's the point i was trying to make - 
there is a huge group of people running a Unix type OS for non-technical 
work and they don't even know it.

>> 2) chromebook/ubuntu people
>> 3) old guard *bsd and non-ubuntu users
> I get the impression a lot of the number 3 category fits in number 2.  No?

well from what i've noticed is a *lot* of the young programmers i've 
been working with (kids a year or two out of university) is that they 
think linux is unix, and linux is pretty much a GUI only experience. 
trying real hard to not call them clueless newbies...but they are 
clueless newbies :)

>> what i'm really keeping an eye open for is for someone to finally come
>> up with decent laptop hardware that can compete with macbook pro's or
>> even google chromebooks.  i've never run a lenovo thinkpad but i've
>> heard they are kinda lacking these days.  used an HP for a year and it
>> was pretty awful...chromebooks look pretty great, but using android for
>> my os is kinda scary.
> +1 on the scariness of androidism.
> But with the focus of OpenBSD devs on Thinkpads, I have to say I'm happy.
> OpenBSD just works on the Thinkpads, from my experience.

thanks i'm gonna start checking out some thinkpads - good to know!


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