[talk] Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Nov 21 17:58:20 EST 2014

Scott Robbins:
> On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 01:55:28PM -0800, Pete Wright wrote:
>> On 11/21/14 11:17, Scott Robbins wrote:
>>> On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 09:49:31AM -0800, Pete Wright wrote:
>>>> On 11/20/14 17:13, George Rosamond wrote:
>>>>>> 1) osx peeps who are using unix w/o really knowing it
>>> This group isn't relevant to us...wow, that sounds elitist, but the point
>>> is, Yeah, OSX got itself Unix certified and these people use it, but it has
>>> little or nothing to do with the BSDs' acceptance or lack of it.
>> you sure?  having a company like apple develop against a unix'y
>> system is pretty helpful.  for example the list of software here is
>> all being used by/patched by apple:
>> https://www.apple.com/opensource/
> Good point, that I overlooked.  

Something got lost here.  Or my reading comprehension is poor.

Pete brought up OSX users as a group that "uses Unix."  Well, yes, if
you count the fees included in formally making that statement and the
lot of its origins, userland, etc.

It's hard not to argue that Apple has contributed, and it's platform
allows some portability.

But I would almost put them in the same boat as Ubuntu-esque Linux
users.  They don't know there's a shell on the box/device, well, outside
of Spork's picture.  We were talking about the paths of today's "Unix
users."  I see most OSX users in much the same light: we're alternative
rebels against Windows.. .or at least they used to act like that,
without much more depth.

And no, don't strawman-me by talking about Unix people using OSX... no
one's talking about them.</grin>

Most of the regular OSX and Ubuntu users would be shocked if a
mysterious black rectangle appeared on their displays with a % or $.
They would reach for a help desk number quick.  Almost as quick as
someone driving a Mercedes seeing their pf ruleset.

I mean, would people using Netflix be considered FreeBSD users?



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