[talk] BeagleBone on armv7/OpenBSD snapshot

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Oct 6 19:52:42 EDT 2014

Looks like pkgs for arm are propagating, including slowly onto our
mirrors.nycbug.org.  This is using another mirror:

$ sudo pkg_add -r wget
quirks-2.9 signed on 2014-10-06T11:37:56Z
quirks-1.113->2.9: ok
wget-1.15:libiconv-1.14p1: ok
Fatal error: Ustar
Premature end of archive
Adjusting sha for /usr/local/share/doc/gettext/pkg.jLX9KZGcHO from
ClPV+QFd7G/WmvIy9IVjWHchWtMAaKveFT30cEOMDpQ= to
Read shared items: ok
Fatal error: Installation of gettext-0.19.1p0 failed, partial
installation recorded as partial-gettext-0.19.1p0
 at /usr/libdata/perl5/OpenBSD/PkgAdd.pm line 821.

Good stuff.  No really.



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