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On Oct 9, 2014, at 11:56 AM, George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:

> Henry Mendez wrote:
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>>> I raised this a while back, but I'm wondering about alternatives to the
>>> latency ridden world of business cable providers for SMBs.
>>> Someone had mentioned Cogent.  Over $1k for a 10mb connection.
>>> Anybody try Megapath (who soaked up the remnants of Speakeasy)?
>> We have Megapath DSL as a Backup link for the office. They are 'OK'. Just
>> make sure you are close to one of their Central Offices or else you won't
>> be able to get decent speeds from them. Verify the distance before you
>> order because they won't unless you ask. Their tech reps also aren't very
>> helpful (Are any though?).
> Useful input here.
> To the first response, they can't get Vze Fios.  You know, it's in the
> one of those remote places called midtown manhattan.   Apparently it was
> just settled by the Anglos.
> The rep wouldn't even discuss DSL, saying essentially it was junk.

Verizon’s DSL as best I can tell, is still running on the same DSLAMs installed when they first rolled it out, so it’s plain old ADSL1 - not 2, not 2+, not any VDSL variation, so you’re stuck at a max of 7Mb/s down and maybe 384K up.

Hey, maybe you can get a bunch of ISDN BRIs and bond them though! Dig up some of those old Ascend Pipeline 400’s. :)

> But I assume ethernet also terminates in the CO, but what do you mean by
> "close" since relatively speaking, everything is pretty 'close' in
> Manhattan.  Could you be more specific?

Bway.net is on-net with Megapath (not formerly speakeasy per-se, but formerly Covad) and we have the full portfolio - ADSL, ADSL2+, bonded ADSL2+, EoC, etc.  EoC is still DSL basically, but it’s a symmetric product and they use what seems to be really nice (and expensive) Adtran EOC equipment.  I think it maxes out around 8 loops or so.  The EoC reach is pretty good, the real problem in NYC is copper availability - sometimes getting more than 2 copper loops is challenging.  The ADSL products you really want to be under 4K’ or so, which can be difficult as the copper seems to take some fairly circuitous routes.

As for Megapath’s technical prowess and support availability, that’s why most of Bway’s customers are customers - we manage dealing with Megapath so you don’t have to.  Our phone guys give honest answers about repair times and the like and understand the install/repair process well.  We also have resources inside Megapath that a retail customer does not have.

And our list of metro-ethernet partners continues to grow, so we can do non-Verizon dependent service in most non-residential NYC buildings at this point.  The metro-e product is obviously more pricey since it is an actual “business grade” connection.

On everything we offer we provide everything you’d expect from a smaller shop - no crazy phone queue when you call, one-off special requests for pretty much anything, IPv6 on most products, static IP on everything, IP blocks at a reasonable price, etc.  We’re also always looking for building partners - if the build out cost for metro-e in your building is significant and you can round up a few other customers in the building we can really wheel and deal with you.


Apologies for the ad, but you did ask, and most people are completely unaware that small ISPs still exist in NYC.

Oh, we also don’t sell your browsing info, hand over info without warrants, or participate in any of the “six strike” programs.  We only harass you if you’ve got some poor rooted box making trouble on the interwebs for other people.


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