[talk] meeting space

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Oct 22 22:30:22 EDT 2014

We tentatively has space sorted out for the November and December meetings.

Note that the December meeting will be focused on the new edition of the
Design and Implementation of FreeBSD with GNN himself.   We'll likely
have food and/or drinks covered.  Yes, and December will also include
the city-wide holiday party again.

However, we need to find something for January on.

The type of spot we have been searching for is a separate room at a
restaurant or bar.   We have focused on downtown since it tends to be an
area that quiets down after 7 pm, and is convenient for a lot of people.
 Yes, we miss Suspenders more than ever.

We hit some spots on Stone Street, but the search needs to widen.

We have pinged the list before about this, but please send some ideas,
recommendations, whatever.  A semi-secluded private room would be
awesome.  Decent food and drink is of course ideal.  I know that the
number of people on this list with 'bar familiarity' is large... please
extend your antennae and do your part.


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