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Jim B. jpb at jimby.name
Sun Apr 12 13:58:57 EDT 2015

* Jim B. <jpb at jimby.name> [2015-03-21 22:20]:
> Hello gang,
> I'm looking for recommendations for reliable USB wireless
> adapters that work with FreeBSD.  I've bought several
> that don't work (apparently no driver support) and before
> I shell out more cash I figured someone on this list
> will know.
> Any advice much appreciated!
> Jim B.

So, I ended up searching for the specific chipset (RT5370) that
is known to work with FreeBSD.  Amazon URL for this item was

Dru and I both placed orders at the same time for the same item.

Hers arrived first, and didn't work.

Mine arrived and did work.  The packaging was very, very similar, but
when I closely examined the back of the package for both they were different.

One specifically says "Chipset  Ralink", the other does not.

See the attached image.  Since mine did work and I need more of them,
I place another order for a larger quantity and sent a note to the
seller (JM Electronics) stating that I needed the "Chipset Ralink"
version. I also included the same image.

We will see what happens.  Hope they follow my request.

Jim B.

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