[talk] NYC*BUG Announcements

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Apr 16 09:25:34 EDT 2015

A few things to note.

First, NYC*BUG hosts a lot of resources for the broader *BSD community,
but we tend to not publicize it widely. A few days ago, we set up a
mailing list for a new BUG in Poland.  It's the "Subcarpathian BSD Users
Group" (Podkarpacka grupa użytkowników BSD) based in southeast Poland.



We have a great list of upcoming meetings set for the next few months.

May 6 - "Bitrig" John C. Vernaleo

June 3 - "FreeBSD's NUMA" John Baldwin

->June 12-13, BSDCan, Ottawa, Canada

June 18 - "mandoc: from scratch to the standard BSD documentation
toolkit in 6 years" Ingo Schwarze

June 19 - social event with Ingo (location TBA)

July 1 - "Staying in sync with the Precision Time Protocol" Steven Kreuzer

August 5 - "What's New with OpenBSD" Brian Callahan

->October 1-2, EuroBSDCon, Stockholm, Sweden

Rumor has it, another vBSDCon is being planned for the fall in Virginia.


All the NYC*BUG meetings are at Stone Creek, except for the special June
18th meeting with Ingo Schwarze on mandoc.  Let us know if you have any
good leads.  A place without RSVPs and with food/drinks is ideal.

The September meeting is looking like it will feature a veteran of the
Bell Labs/Bellcore days, whose work continued into Plan 9. It's a
meeting we're extremely excited for. NYC*BUG has always emphasized the
larger Unix thread that we see the *BSDs as a fundamental part of.


The video for Christos' Blacklistd meeting is posted at
https://youtu.be/0UKCAsezF3Q.  Huge thanks Patrick M.

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