[talk] Intro

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Feb 3 22:39:42 EST 2015

> Hello to all. I am slowly learning about the UNIX culture
> and I am feeling closer to home each day. I am currently building
> ports in 10.1-STABLE. I am a complete *BSD newbie, my little
> experience is with Linux as a end-user. I have done some basic
> administration for my own amd64 laptop or i686 P4 but I want to
> really be useful to the world. Just looking for a place to call
> 'my hood'. I was born in NYC in 1984. Raised in Puerto Rico.
> Thanks for reading.

Welcome aboard Roberto.

Feel free to use this list if you have any questions. None of us started
from anything other than 0.

I'd recommend checking out the meeting next Tuesday also.


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