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One other thing, from starting a different user group, pick a day and if
nothing else meet for beers once a month.  people have a good time and get
used to showing up.


On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 9:27 AM, George Rosamond <
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> R0B_ROD:
> > I live in Blythe but Augusta is very close.
> > I want some comments and suggestions for
> > making something similar to you.
> > I want to host augbug.org on my
> > amd64 FreeBSD 10.1-Stable, Custom kernel
> > :) (also a nice wordplay) [a ug b ug]
> > So excited about life right now.
> This is a frequent question we get.
> My recommendation is to start small and light.  Don't attempt to
> replicate other user groups in scale.
> Start with a mailing list, and get the word out locally.  Let it grow as
> it gains recognition.  Once you have a few regulars around, get together
> informally, but keep the stakes low.
> Don't set high expectations
> Don't build out some crazy infrastructure, you're not Netflix
> Don't build out some top-heavy organizational structures, you're not there.
> And keep it fun.
> g
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