[talk] apmd issue last night

Brett Mahar brett at coiloptic.org
Thu Feb 12 16:07:47 EST 2015

| If you look at OpenBSD apmd(8), you won't see -C listed.  It was
| deprecated at some point IIRC.  The correct flag to have in
| /etc/rc.conf.local is:
| apmd_flags="-A"
| This will autoadjust the sysctl knob hw.setperf depending on how the
| laptop is powered.

In current, you can now set hw.setperf (via sysctl or /etc/sysctl.conf) to -1. This will run your computer at hw.setperf=0, and raise it to 100 when the machine is under load. This is better than using apmd in many cases.


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