[talk] Its been a while, but wow... (and a call for devs?)

Siobhan Lynch slynch2112 at me.com
Thu Feb 12 20:00:20 EST 2015

So I took a year and a half off to go to school… and didn’t work on much on *BSD for a while… but I have to say… I am quite impressed with some of the new stuff and how pkgng has turned out. I was a bit confused that cvsup was deprecated, but subversion works fine.

I’m really enjoying getting back to this, it’s like seeing an old friend.

Also, the guy I am working on a contract for is looking for developers (php/java, but some strength in erlang and python would be nice too) - I can get a job description, but if anyone is interested, they are in Williiamsburg - and you’ll be working with me :)

Also, some knowledge of amqp and celery as well as nosql dbs, and mysql would be nice. I am doing the general architecture, so things are subject to change based on developer input. We are using nginx and the Phalcon framework on the front end. Most development can be done on local VMs and I am building vagrant boxes for the devs. So knowledge of any of that is a plus.

I pushed them to use FreeBSD on the server side (partly because I can get things up and running faster, and I have always had better luck with Java on FreeBSD performance-wise - funny that.

Anyway, great to be back, maybe I’ll get out to a meeting again soon!


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