[talk] m0n0wall project ending

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Sun Feb 15 14:19:47 EST 2015

On 02/15/15 14:16, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2015, at 11:13 AM, George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:
>> Mark S. noted this:
>> http://m0n0.ch/wall/end_announcement.php
>> The end of m0n0wall…
> The most interesting thing I found there was this:
> https://opnsense.org
> Never heard of it until today. It is a pfsense fork…
> I’ve had good luck with Dutch software so far (hi, PowerDNS, OpenVPN-NL), this should be interesting to watch.

BSD Now has had some coverage of OPNsense recently. I think they
interviewed one of the project members. Worth checking out if you have
some time.


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