[talk] apmd issue last night

Eric Radman ericshane at eradman.com
Mon Feb 16 11:00:50 EST 2015

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 07:02:00PM -0500, Isaac (.ike) Levy wrote:
> So for my use, I'm *pretty* sure I want apmd running, so I can get the
> screen locking behavior I want.
> Is there a way I can get xlock (or alternatively xscreensaver) to run on
> suspend, without apmd (and /etc/apm/suspend)?

This is a good question and a surprisingly error-prone task. Mailing
list archives sometimes recommend xautolock, but even without
suspend/resume it has not worked _reliably_ for me.  There is a section
in the man page that suggests that it will run the lock program whenever
the clock jumps:

 -detectsleep    Instructs xautolock to detect that computer has been
                 put to sleep.  This is done by detecting that time has
                 jumped by more than 3 seconds.  When this occurs, the
                 lock timer is reset and locker program is not launched
                 even if primary timeout has been reached. This option
                 is typically used to avoid locker program to be
                 launched when awaking a laptop computer.

But does xautolock promise to run?

 - Eric

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