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We are putting the finishing touches on the next SEVEN meetings. This is
likely the best stretch of meetings we've assembled since we officially
launched in 2004. Note that we are in the process of overhauling how we
manage the web site.  Web site updates and details for some meetings are
in the pipeline.

Additionally, there are two BSD Cons upcoming:

AsiaBSDCon 2015, March 12-15 in Tokyo, Japan
BSDCan 2015, June 12-13 in Ottawa, Canada

The quick list of upcoming meetings.  All meetings will be in Stone
Creek's backroom at 6:45 PM at this point, but NOT all on the first
Wednesday of the month.

March 4: George Neville-Neil on the "DTrace", based on the new release
of "The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System."
Introductory comments from the books editor. Hors d'oeuvres will be
provided, in addition to copies of the book.

April 8: Christos Zoulas "Blacklist'd"

May 6: We are waiting on details, but we likely have a remote speaker
coming in.  Stay tuned.

June 3: John Baldwin "FreeBSD's NUMA"

July 1: Steve Kreuzer "PTP: Precision Time Protocol"

August 2: Brian Callahan "What's New with OpenBSD?"

September 6: John C. Vernaleo "Bitrig"

As mentioned on talk@, we will start using NYC*BUG meetings to get
PGP/GPG key signings done! We will provide some how-to documentation for
those unfamiliar.
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