[talk] NYC*BUG upcoming meetings

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sun Jan 4 12:07:11 EST 2015

It looks like we have a new spot for meetings comparable to the
environment provided by Suspenders: Stone Creek at 140 E 27th Street
between 3rd and Lexington (stonecreeknyc.com)

It's a small bar with a good sized, private backroom.

There's a digital projector, plenty of seating and tables, and the usual
bar fare.

However, we will not be meeting on the first Wednesday for January and
February, but should be back to it for March 4.

January's meeting will be on the 13th, the second Tuesday.

February's meeting will be on the 10th, also the second Tuesday.

I'm optimistic this spot will work out nicely for us.  It's a few block
walk from the 6 train.

I strongly suggest others check out Stone Creek.  If you're interested
in checking it out this Wednesday, ping me offlist.

Big thanks to Eric for finding it... it's been tough!


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