[talk] Open source laptop

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Wed Jan 21 13:27:27 EST 2015

On 01/20/15 19:29, Mark Saad wrote:
>> Hi Talk
>>  I saw this today on  slashdot and somewhere else, either way . It has
>> some interesting bits but I was 1/2 expecting it to be a ARM and not an
>> intel x86 isa.  What are you thoughts on why no one has built a arm
>> laptop in this market with more then 2G of ram and a decent amount of
>> internal storage
>> https://www.crowdsupply.com/purism/

<dodging arm question>

meh this site looks pretty sketchy imho.  i have idea what they are
talking about in regards to no other hardware allowing you to run your
own kernel (see: "Hardware Companies, Freedom, and Privacy").

at least they are using a decent video card and OK components - although
i hazzard support for RMA'ing components will be "fun".

also..only supporting their linux distribution?  doesn't seem very open
to me...


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