[talk] Microsoft getting behind OpenSSH

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Tue Jun 2 14:45:26 EDT 2015

On 06/02/15 11:32, George Rosamond wrote:
> Pete Wright:
>> On 06/02/15 11:22, Brian Coca wrote:
>>> I had to check a few times it was not the first day of April:
>>> http://blogs.msdn.com/b/looking_forward_microsoft__support_for_secure_shell_ssh1/archive/2015/06/02/managing-looking-forward-microsoft-support-for-secure-shell-ssh.aspx
>>> This comes to me after months of dealing with winrm as a connection
>>> protocol to manage windows machines. I'm furious, happy, scared and
>>> worried .... will need to leave sober analysis for later but, would
>>> like to start to get the ball rolling here.
>> it's a shame they don't have any plans to support BSD/Unix:
>> " A popular request the PowerShell team has received is to use Secure
>> Shell protocol and Shell session (aka SSH) to interoperate between
>> Windows and Linux – both Linux connecting to and managing Windows via
>> SSH and, vice versa, Windows connecting to and managing Linux via SSH.
>> Thus, the combination of PowerShell and SSH will deliver a robust and
>> secure solution to automate and to remotely manage Linux and Windows
>> systems."
> How does this not include BSDs?  It's SSH...
>> j/k - it'll be great if they push their patches back to the openssh devs
>> imho and the code is of acceptable quality.
> I was in the middle of noting that point in an email when you posted
> this Pete.

gman - i was just kidding around.  their wording makes it sounds like
ssh is just a linux thing :)


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