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Hi Mark,

Perhaps not immediately helpful response:

I worked with TRILL via Brocade fabric, (pretty opaque use of TRILL and LAGG via their 'fabric' tooling).
Nice stuff, a bit automagic for my tastes..

The brocade switches had a number of tools for disovering/reporting the current state of all the trill/link measures, l2traceroute was the name of one of their commands, etc...

From a visualization perspective, a very cool guy from Ohio State univ. showed me some wicked homegrown network visualizations of their state network backbones- some of the best stuff I've ever seen actually.  It's SVG, and uses javascript to draw from live stats in a browser window.

I'm *very* sad to say I've forgotten this guy's name, but would love help tracking him down- I was pestering him to open the SVG/base parts up as a BSD licenced thing, (particularly since the state paid for it to be built...)

Does anyone attending BSDCan remember the dude I'm referring to?  Glasses, medium fro of curly hair, young guy, Ohio...  Really cool guy.


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> All
>  I was wondering if anyone out here is working with trill via opentrill or some other portable solution ? On a related note I am looking for a way to build a graph database of  what a trill topology would discover . The idea being that trill and related tech works for the network layer , but it need a visual layer to complement this data for various visualization projects . 
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